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All our clients should gather at our meeting point. Please, be in time – at least 5-10 minutes prior to the booked tour. We arrange our tours under any weather conditions even if it rains – we will provide you with rain ponchos so that you could feel comfortable. Everybody taking part in the City Tour On Wheels is required to fill and sign the exclusion of liability form. According to the safety reasons a participant’s weight should meet the limitations – from 40 kg  to 115 kg . Segway Stockholm Airwheel reserves the right to deny service to a person in case if there are any doubts concerning his or her state of health (including visible influence of drugs and alcohol) or anything else that may lead to dangerous situations during a tour.


The following limitations are applied to the children joining our Airwheel/Segway tours: only the children older than 15 are allowed to drive Airwheel/Segway independently, those who are younger than 15 should be accompanied by an adult during the entire tour.
Airwheel/Segway tours are not available for pregnant women .

The personal data we gather during the reservation will be used exclusively by us for the reservation purpose. It shall not be disclosed to a third party.
SegwayStockholmAirwheel.se as the provider of Airwheel/ Segway Tours will attempt to accommodate all date change requests made more than 10 days prior to the scheduled tour; however, all changes to a scheduled tour made within 10 days before the tour may have additional cost. Please, contact us in order to get the information regarding your date change: info@segwaystockholmairwheel.se
SegwayStockholmAirwheel, the provider of Airwheel/ Segway Tours guarantees full refund if the reservation is cancelled more than 10 days prior to the scheduled tour. However, we do not offer any refunds for the cancellations made less than 10 days prior to the tour start. If you have any questions related to cancellation – please, contact us via this email: info@segwaystockholmairwheel.se
The prices published on the website of SegwayStockholmAirwheel, the provider of Airwheel/Segway Tours,segwaystockholmairwheel.se, apply per person unless otherwise is specified. All prices are available in euros (EUR).
1. This Agreement concluded between you and the provider of Airwheel/Segway tours cannot be supplemented, altered or amended with the use of any other document unless otherwise settled in a written agreement that was signed by both you and SegwayStockholmAirwheel, provider of Airwheel/Segway Tours.
2. As a provider of Airwheel/Segway tours, SegwayStockholmAirwheel does not accept any liability beyond the legal remedies set forth herein, including but not limited to any possible liability for services and product not being available for use, loss of business, lost profits, provision of services and support. Except to the extent provided herein, SegwayStockholmAirwheel.se acting as a provider of Airwheel/Segway tours will not be liable for any special, consequential, punitive or indirect damages even if advised of such damages possibility or for any complaints or claims by any third party. By accepting this agreement you confirm that for any liability and responsibility regarding the purchase of services and product,segwaystockholmairwheel.se, a provider of Airwheel/Segway tours, is not responsible or liable for any kind and amount of damages above the amount stated for the applicable product and service.
3. Signing this Agreement means your agreement to obey the regulations and laws of the Kingdom of Sweden. Hereby you agree that you are not purchasing products and services from SegwayStockholmAirwheel, Segway/Airwheel tours provider for resale. Resale of Segway/Airwheel tours to third parties is not allowed unless it is agreed and settled with SegwayStockholmAirwheel provider of Airwheel/Segway Tours. SegwayStockholmAirwheel provider of Airwheel/Segway Tours provides transparent terms and conditions for the reselling of their products and services.
4. Signing this agreement both parties agree that any sales thereunder, any dispute, claim or controversy (of the contract or infringing activity, whether pre-existent, present or future, including common law, statutory and equitable claims) between the customer and Segway Stockholm Airwheel, provider of Airwheel/Segway tours, relating to or arising from this Agreement or its interpretations, termination, breach or validity, the relations that result from this Agreement or any related purchase shall be determined and governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Sweden, with noregard to conflicts of law rules.
5. The services and products offered by SegwayStockholmAirwheel, provider of Airwheel/Segway Tours remain valid in accordance with the dates published on www.segwaystockholmairwheel.se. SegwayStockholmAirwheel, provider of Airwheel/Segway bears no responsibility or liability for any information except the information it provides directly.


By signing this Agreement I declare that I do understand all the instructions provided to me during the safety briefing by the Airwheel/Segway experienced guide. I confirm that I am prepared in every respect to use Airwheel/Segway securely and correctly during the entire tour. I confirm and realize that I am taking this tour at my risk and I am the only person responsible and liable for any damage or harm that may be done to me or my belongings resulting from my Airwheel/Segway driving manner. I take the full responsibility for any harm or damage to a third person. In case if I am responsible for and underaged person I also take the above-stated responsibilities on my behalf. I agree to pay a compensation equal to 2000 EUR to SegwayStockholmAirwheel if my actions cause damage to the Airwheel/Segway. I fully agree with and understand all the information stated above.