Stockholm Attractions

Where can one go by Segway?

They simply want to be able to move a bit faster, avoid weariness from a long walk and at the same time to be more flexible than when going somewhere by bus or car.


Actually, you can reach absolutely any part of Stockholm without any troubles. The capital of Sweden has great city design perfectly suitable for such transport like Segway.

Tourists often drive to the Old Town, to Vasa museum, to SkyView and so on and so forth. So where could you go first?

Different tour plans for travelers

There are several basic routes prepared for different types of tourists. If you have come with the family and kids you will be probably interested in going to some entertainment and education places. We would like to recommend the Skansen museum then or National Museum of Science and Technology where children of all ages can get the clue of how everything we are surrounded with works.

People who are interested in local and world culture will certainly find something really amusing in the House of Culture (Kulturhuset). It’s a fantastic place made in hi-tech style and located in the very heart of the Old Town. The House of Culture hosts the majority of all significant cultural events.

Another starting point or the point number to could become the Museum of the Swedish history. The children under 18 (!!!) can enter this beautiful place for free, while an adult will have to pay 100 SEK or even more depending on the day – basically you pay more on weekends and national holidays.

Unusual routes

There are also sites where Segway Stockholm tourists usually do not visit. The main reason is simply lack of knowledge – capital visitors do their best to attend all most popular places having no time to investigate the attractions that are not in the top-10.

For example, Waldemarsudde is a fabulous complex consisting of historic buildings. Check the people’s opinions on different touristic website and you will see that they all are fond on Waldemarsudde. No one actually expected that it’s that interesting to walk there. It would be also reasonable to take your family and kids there and go to the Art Gallery altogether.

Without a doubt, a Segway Stockholm tour around the buildings of Waldemarsudde would be the best pastime for a weekend.

Other activities

If you come to Stockholm during summertime then you can rent a boat or a pedal boat and have a very calm tour at comfortable pace. Stockholm is a city standing literally on the water and it is obvious that one can take a lot from that. People with larger budget may find RIB tours attractive. RIBs are the boats made of rubber. They can move fast and thus they are perfectly suitable for travelling around the archipelago. Take some food and hit the rail early in the morning. Believe us, you will spend a great time!