Segway Tour in Stockholm Sweden

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Finally we are eager to publish a short report about our Segway Tour in Stockholm Sweden around the capital of Sweden! This report will definitely encourage you to participate in our future events!
The Island of the Knights
Riddarholmen island (the Knights’ islet) has become our first attraction site to visit. We had enough time to investigate the Swedish architecture on the example of the buildings like the old Parliament or the National Archive. Before having left the Knights’ islet we made a short stop in Western Riddarholmen to make some pics of the great views.

The Royal Residence

Both day and night ideally suit for attending this place. According to the opinion of both locals and tourists the Palace is fantastic at any time of the day and in absolutely weather. This point of interest is a must-see one for any Segway Tour in Stockholm Sweden who is deeply fascinated with Sweden.
The Opera
The Royal Opera building has a long and interesting history beginning from the year 1872. Here we have another magnificent example of local architecture. The tourists who had already been to several other European countries stated that the Swedish style is something totally different and that is why attractive. Thus a visit to the Opera will help you increase your cultural knowledge.
Everything in Swedish architecture is glorious including the military buildings. Have any doubts? Then go and join us and find the answer yourself! It is one thing to look at this small island from far off and enjoy its beauty. And don’t forget to check Skeppsholmen museums – if you have got no time for it, then go at the least to the Museum of Modern Art.
The Royal Game Park
Do you think that the way of royal entertainment can be interesting? Visit Djurgarden and learn tons of new interesting things! Actually the theme park Grona Lund is not the one and only interesting thing there, don’t forget lots of galleries and other historical attractions. There is also a very popular open-air museum in Djurgarden – it is called Skansen!
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