Segway Stockholm Södermalm

Check out the Segway Stockholm tour report

Finally we would like to present a report about our Segway Stockholm  Södermalm tour around the capital of Sweden! Check it out and join us next time – please rest assured, you will not regret!

The Knights’ Island

Our starting point and, actually, the first destination was what is called “the Knights’ Islet” – Riddarholmen. We had much time to investigate the Swedish architecture on the example of the buildings like the National Archive or the old Parliament. The very last thing that we did in the Knights’ Islet was popping by in its western part and having awesome rest by admiring exciting views.
The Royal Residence
Both night and day ideally suit for visiting this attraction. In accordance with the point of view of both locals and tourists the Palace is extremely great in any time of the day and in absolutely weather. Without a doubt, the Royal residence is a great point to go to during a Segway Stockholm Södermalm tour.
The Royal Opera
Everyone in Sweden knows something about the Royal Opera and nearly everybody perfectly knows the year it was built – 1872. Snatch a good opportunity to see such a fabulous example of the local architecture yourself. The tourists who had already visited some other European countries noted that the Swedish architecture style is something totally different and thus so attractive. If you want to learn something more about Stockholm history – visit the Opera building!
Each part of Swedish architecture is glorious as well as the military buildings. Think we are wrong? Then join us and find the answer yourself! Many tourists often look at this island from far distance, but it is really worth going inside. You will be surrounded with many of amazing samples of the local architecture.
The Royal Game Park
Would you like to find out how the royal family entertained itself? Then take part in our tour programs and discover Djurgarden! Today the park includes both historical buildings like galleries and museums as well as a cool amusement park called Grona Lund. More than that, here you can visit the open air museum Skansen!
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