Segway Stockholm Jukkasjärvi

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The time has come and we are eager to present a report about our Segway Stockholm Jukkasjärvi trip around Swedish capital! Check it out and take part next time – please rest assured, you won’t regret it!

The Knights’ Island

Riddarholmen island (the Knights’ islet) has become our first attraction to visit. We had lots of time to investigate the Swedish architecture through the example of the buildings like the old Parliament or the National Archive. Before leaving the Knights’ islet we stopped by in Western Riddarholmen to make snapshots of the great views.
The Residence of the Royal Family
You will appreciate the blaze of the Stockholm Palace in both day and night. The experienced tourists assume that it makes no difference which time you get there, this place is fabulous all the time. This attraction is a must-see spot for a Segway Stockholm tourist who is deeply interested in Sweden.
The Opera
Since the year 1872 the Royal Opera has been a very significant place for Stockholm and Sweden. The Opera building is acknowledged to be another sample of the best style of the architecture of Sweden. It is a known fact that the Swedish architecture is unlike to the European. It makes a visit to the Royal Opera a fantastic opportunity to see what people love in the architecture of Sweden.
All in Swedish architecture is fine including the military buildings. Have any doubts? Then participate in our Segway Stockholm tour and see who was right! A lot of tourists prefer to look at this island from distance, however it is really worth going inside. And remember – you should visit the museums of Skeppsholmen – if you have too little time for that, then go at the least to the Museum of Modern Art.
The Royal Game Park
Do you think that the royal amusements and fun may be interesting? Come to the Royal Game Park and see what the Royal family liked to do! We would like to say, that the entertainment park Grona Lund is not the only cool thing there, keep in mind all those galleries and museums and other historical attractions. The best possible solution for family time is visiting the greatest open-air museum Skansen!
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