Segway Stockholm Hagaparken

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This report is dedicated to our Segway Stockholm Hagaparken tour and the sites we have visited! Check it out and join us next time – please rest assured, you won’t regret it!

The Knights’ Island

Riddarholmen island (the Knights’ islet) has become our first site to visit. We had much time to appreciate the Swedish architecture on the example of such buildings like the old Parliament or the National Archive. After it we went to the Western part of the island and delighted breathtaking sceneries from there.
The Residence of the Royal Family
The Stockholm Palace is beautiful in both night and day. In accordance with the opinion of both locals and tourists the Palace is outstanding in any time and in any weather. Don’t forget to include this attraction in your must-see list of a Segway Stockholm tour. You may even make it the center of your tour.
The Opera
Everybody in Sweden has some knowledge about the Royal Opera and almost everyone perfectly knows the year it was built – 1872. Snatch a good chance to see this fabulous piece of the local architecture. It is a well-known thing that the architecture of Sweden is unlike to the European. If you wish to find out more about Stockholm history – don’t miss the Opera building!
Swedish architecture is miraculous even when it comes to military buildings. Don’t believe us? Then take part in our Segway Stockholm tour and see who is right! One thing is to observe this tiny island from far off and enjoy its splendor. That all is nice and we agree, but we suppose that it is more interesting to plunge inside and take a tour around Skeppsholmen museums like, let’s say, the Museum of Modern Art.
The Royal Game Park
Are you curious about the way the Royal family entertained itself? Then join our tours and discover Djurgarden with us! Today this park mainly consists of both historical buildings like museums and galleries as well as a fascinating entertainment park called Grona Lund. The best possible solution for family fare will be visiting the greatest open-air museum Skansen!
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