Segway Stockholm Fjärilshuset

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This report is about our Segway Stockholm Fjärilshuset tour as well as the places we have visited! Check it out and join us next time – believe us, you won’t regret it!

The Knights’ Islet

Riddarholmen islet (the Knights’ islet) was our first attraction to visit. We have been to the most remarkable places and buildings here which includes the National Archive and the old Parliament buildings and enjoyed exciting Swedish architecture. Before leaving the islet we stopped by in Western Riddarholmen to take snapshots of the great views.
The Royal Residence
Both day and night ideally suit for attending this place. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t mean much when you go there – the effect is totally the same at any time. This attraction is a must-see spot for a Segway Stockholm traveler who is truly interested in Sweden.
The Royal Opera
Since the year 1872 the Royal Opera has been a very significant place for Stockholm and whole Sweden. Here we have another splendid example of local architecture. It is a popular fact that the Swedish architecture is different from the European. If you want to learn something more about Stockholm history – don’t miss the Opera building!
All in Swedish architecture is wonderful including the military buildings. Have any doubts? Then join our Segway Stockholm Fjärilshuset tour and check who was right! Skeppsholmen is a place that is great not only to watch from afar but to walk around as well. That all is nice and we agree, however that it is more interesting to get inside and have a walk around Skeppsholmen museums like, let’s say, the Museum of Modern Art.
The Royal Game Park
Would you like to know how the royal family used to have fun? Then sign up for our touristic programs and explore Djurgarden! Nowadays this park mainly consists of both historical buildings like museums and galleries as well as a cool entertainment park called Grona Lund. Finally, here you can visit and enjoy the open air museum Skansen!
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