Segway Stockholm Billigt

Check our Segway Stockholm tour report

We have prepared a report for you dedicated to one of our Segway Stockholm Billigt tours! Our short report will certainly encourage you to join our following events!

The Island of the Knights

Riddarholmen islet (the Knights’ islet) has become our first attraction to visit. Such remarkable sites like the old Parliament and the National Archive and many other were covered by our team. Before leaving the islet we stopped by in Western Riddarholmen to take snapshots of the breathtaking views.
The Residence of the Royal Family
Both day and night ideally suit for checking this attraction. In accordance with the point of view of both locals and tourists the Palace is outstanding at any time of the day and in any weather. With no doubts, the Royal residence is a must-see point to visit during a Segway Stockholm tour.
The Royal Opera
Absolutely everyone in Sweden knows something about the Royal Opera and nearly everyone knows its year of foundation – 1872. Snatch the chance to see such a gorgeous example of Swedish architecture. People who had already been to some other European countries told that the Swedish style is something totally different and thus attractive. If you are going to learn something more about the history of Stockholm – visit the Opera building!
Swedish architecture is miraculous even when we are talking about military buildings. Think we are wrong? Then participate in our Segway Stockholm tour and check who was right! Many tourists prefer to look at the island from afar, but it is worth going inside. That all is cool and we agree, but that it is more interesting to get inside and take a tour around Skeppsholmen museums like, let’s say, the Museum of Modern Art.
The Royal Game Park
Do you wish to discover how the royal family used to have fun? Come to the Royal Game Park and find out what the Royal family liked to do! Nowadays this park includes both landmarks like museums and galleries as well as a fascinating theme park called Grona Lund. There is also a worldwide known open-air museum over there – Skansen museum!
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