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The Island of the Knights

We have firstly visited the island Riddarholmen which is also known as the Knights’ Island. We had enough time to investigate the local architecture on the example of such buildings like the National Archive or the old Parliament. The very last thing that we did in the Knights’ Islet was stopping in the western part and having some rest admiring magnificent views.
The Residence of the Royal Family
You can appreciate the blaze of the Stockholm Palace in both day and night. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter when exactly you go there – the effect is literally the same at any time. This point of interest is a must-see one for a Segway Stockholm tourist who is truly interested in Sweden.
The Opera
Everybody in Sweden knows something about the Royal Opera and almost everybody remembers its year of foundation – 1872. Don’t miss a good opportunity to see such a gorgeous example of the local architecture yourself. Experienced tourists say that Swedish architecture looks totally unique and different from the European. It makes a visit to the Royal Opera a great chance to see what exactly people love in Swedish architecture.
Even the military side of Swedish architecture is amazing. Don’t believe us? Then go and join our Segway Stockholm team and find the answer yourself! Many tourists often observe the island from afar, however it is really worth going down to it. You will be surrounded with dozens of outstanding examples of Swedish architecture.
The Royal Game Park
Do you find the way of royal entertainment can be interesting? Then sign up for our tour programs and explore Djurgarden! Nowadays the park mainly consists of both historical buildings like museums and galleries as well as a cool entertainment park Grona Lund. The best solution for family time will be going to the world most remarkable open-air museum Skansen!
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