Any time in Stockholm

Stockholm – a city for any time

We want to tell you which activities one can check and choose during different seasons of the year.


As you probably already know, people adore coming to Stockholm for Christmas. The capital of Sweden provides fantastic ambience with its Old Town and lots of various events coincided with the holidays.

Winter is often quite severe here in Sweden and that is why locals like spending cold times in restaurants and cafes. So do the tourists. Luckily, there are dozens of cool bars, cafes and restaurants all around the city. Even if you live not in the very center it will hardly become a problem from you to find a restaurant in your area.


Warm spring is a great season for Segway Stockholm tours. All the people who prefer active lifestyle will highly appreciate such an opportunity to discover this amazing city with Segway. Would you like to see a young and beautiful narcissus or tulip? Then go to Stockholm in the end of April since in March it’s still quite cold and sometimes even frosty.

If you are coming in May your touristic activity will probably look the same like in summer.


Sweden is warm and sunny from May till the end of September. It’s the best time for Segway Stockholm tours. You may stroll around Sodermalm or Birkastan – by the way, do you know that Sodermalm is known to be the most comfortable and nice neighborhood in Europe? Then go and check it out yourself! Calm and beautiful streets, lots of cozy cafes and cool bars are waiting for you there. Local people like tourists very much and going to a bar or a pub in Sodermalm you get a great chance to meet new Swedish people.

Djurgarden is another fascinating site in Stockholm. Actually, it is a museum-island where you can see tons of outstanding things. Take your family there! Skansen museum is known to be the best summer Swedish destination for family tours!


The beginning of autumn is known for its “nightless” nights – they are also called “white nights”. Nighttime walking is the best September activity as well as Segway Stockholm night tours. You will not be disappointed with the look of Stockholm night streets. There will be much fewer people than during the day and you will get a chance to see the Swedish capital in a slower pace.

October and November can be rainy and clammy. Of course, there is certain charm in all of this, however after a couple of such days you will need something to do except strolling around and taking photos.

The best recommendation we can provide is to download the entire list of Stockholm museums and pick the most interesting for you and your friends or family. There are more than 60 museums in the capital of Sweden – from arts to weapons – so it’s going to be a very easy and pleasant choice.