10 Things To Do in Stockholm

After you make a decision to travel to Sweden, then you will have an opportunity to stop in Stockholm. There are several things you can do in Stockholm. If you love urban life, then there is plenty for you to enjoy in the city. It has several museums and tourist attraction centers which will make you very happy. Different people have their own likes, if you love a certain adventure, then it will be right for you to carry out prior research and know location where you can go and enjoy yourself in Stockholm.


10 Things to do in Stockholm

1. Enter medieval Stockholm

While at your visit Stockholm, you can start by visiting Gamla Stan. This is the living cradle of Stockholm. There are settlements in the area which have been dated back to 1252. You will learn a lot of history about the city after you vast Gamla Stan. Some of the ancient structures you can come across include churches, royal palace and medieval alleyways.


2. Daily Segway Tours and Rental

If you will like to tour Stockholm in style, then you can consider Segway Stockholm services. You will just hire a Segway which you will use to move to different locations in Stockholm. There are simple requirements you will be required to fulfill so that you will start using the Segway. Just be above 15 years of age and know how to ride. You will visit different tourist attraction sites in style while riding on the Segway. You should be less than 250 pounds to ride. With the mobility scooters you can enjoy moving from one place to the other for three hours.Stockholm Gamla Stan 2016


3. Share in artistic enlightenment

At Stockholm you will have an opportunity to come across several pieces of art. You can visit the local museums available where you will get to interact with different people. At the national museum you will come across arts from middle ages. Some of the famous arts you can come across include those from Degas, Rembrandt among other Swedish arts.Old Town Stockholm


4. Relax on pontoon restaurant

You will relax and enjoy life after you decide to go to the pontoon restaurants available. They make the city different from many cities in the world. You will have an opportunity to relax on the pontoon and order different type of drinks. You can even relax with a bottle of fresh water while you admire the surrounding. It is a great place to spend summer nights.


5. Enjoy coffee

Swedish have developed great love for coffee. There are several places in Stockholm where you can go and enjoy coffee while relaxing with the locals. You will have an opportunity to relax and chat with your friends as you drink coffee. There are open air cafes which make the drinking very enjoyable.Vasa Museum


6. Taste Swedish foods

There are several restaurants which serve exclusive Swedish food. In order to know what the locals eat, you can visit such destinations and have a taste of the local foods. This will make you feel you have really tasted Swedish culture.


7. Enjoy Swedish music

Sweden is a country where you will be exposed to more pop and rock music. At Stockholm you will be treated to your satisfaction with live performances of pop and rock music. You will experience live DJ music in different night clubs all days of the week. Other types of music you can enjoy include electric mix of jazz, salsa and reggae.Stockholm City


8. Enter 380 year old warship

Vasa is a warship which 69 meters long and 380 years old. It was commissioned in 1628 only to sink after 20 minutes of its maiden voyage. It was recovered in 1961 and turned into a Vasa museum. The warship has rich history behind it which you can learn.


9. Catch a ferry to the Stockholm Archipelago

You can catch a ferry and visit the archipelago of Stockholm. The destination is just few miles from the capital. The destination is a popular tourist destination which will make you feel the difference from you daily life.


10. Interact with Swedish

Stockholm has trendy bars where you can go and interact with the locals. The bars are characterized with membership cards and VIP rooms to serve you to your satisfaction. If you are a posh party-goer, you will find a place where you will enjoy yourself in Stockholm.